Arrive early

At least 10 minutes prior to class to set up your bike. We respect your busy schedule so classes always start and end on time.

Cell Phones, iPods, Headphones

We practice good ride etiquette - no texting or phone use during class. Please leave your hi-tech gadgets off until the ride is over.

Cross Talk

We’re all riding for different reasons, so respect the other Riders beside you during class. Simply put, it’s rude to talk during class.

Follow the Pack

Our Knowledgeable RockStar Team works hard to plan excellent classes, each of them with a specific purpose. We also provide with options for all fitness levels and goals during the ride. If you feel you must do your own thing and foresee you won’t be following today’s class plan, please take a bike in the back so other Riders won't get distracted.


Water is important, and you cannot perform without adequate hydration.


Bike Maintenance

Help us keep our bikes riding SMOOTHLY. Let the Instructor or the Welcome Team know of any issues with your bike so we can fix it ASAP.


If you move it, put it back. If you bring it, take it home. If you drip on it, wipe it off. Help us keep Ride a sanctuary.

Good Hygiene

Be kind to your fellow riders. Deodorant and clean gear are blissful things. Save your perfume for after the ride.

Leaving Early

We understand once in a while you must slip out early, so please take a bike near the door and leave quietly.


THANK YOU are two words instructors love to hear! Spread the love and show appreciation to keep our program strong.