We provide our members with a top-notch Indoor Cycling experience together with total body workouts to maximize your level of fitness.

We are the first in South Florida to offer the World Class Stages Bikes - the best bikes for amplifying results! Our bikes are all about precision training as they have the most accurate measurement tool for Indoor Cycling - The Stages Power Meter. 

Used by professional cyclists like Tour de France winner UK’s Sky Team and Indoor Cycling enthusiasts alike, it provides accurate work and caloric burn measurements and an incredibly smooth riding experience to take your fitness to the next level. 

Our cycling Classes

Rhythm Ride (45 min)

This ride is an exhilarating, high-intensity cardio party featuring indoor cycling techniques combined with choreographed rhythmic moves to the beat of the music. We also use the display board, illustrating your watts (power) and rpms (speed) to keep you motivated. You’ll quickly reach your fitness goals, and leave feeling uplifted, motivated and happy!

Power House (60 min)

Performance Ride (45 min)

During this challenging class, you’ll be riding the rainbow! 

Now we're riding with purpose - this is how the pros do it! You’ll determine your Power RX within the first 10 minutes of class, and then you’ll be riding the rainbow! It’s a power filled par-tay! Your colored power zones are displayed on the front screen, which features Stages IQ technology - where getting it done meets keeping it fun!

Power Hour (60 min)



Charity Ride (45 min)

Getting in shape never felt so good! Ride Delray believes in giving back to our community, and once a month we ride for a reason with all profits and donations given to a designated charity. Riders submit the name of a local non-profit, and each month we draw the winning recipient!

Ride 101 (40 min)

If you’re new to indoor cycling or returning to fitness, this exciting class features proper bike fitting, basic cycling techniques, understanding the power meter and choreography. Several classes are recommended, and you’ll be a rock star in no time!