The Ride Delray Team



Susan is the resident cycle therapist with a Ph.D in Marriage and Family therapy, and nationally certified in Spinning and Stages bikes. She also has a group exercise and personal training certification from AFFA. Susan is a veteran instructor, and has taught fitness classes for over 20 years. Susan blends her psychology education with her passion for fitness to motivate others to reach their highest fitness potential. Susan believes in “sweat therapy”, and that fitness should be fun, empowering, and transforming. 

Susan is also a "Wellness Coach", with extensive experience counseling eating disorders, and fitness.

Linda is a Master Cycle Instructor, and has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She is a certified Stages instructor, and holds a group exercise instructor and personal trainer certification through AFAA. Linda has an enormous amount of passion for fitness, and is extremely energetic which inspires others to reach for their highest potential. Linda plays the best club mixes found in any hot Miami nightspot, which makes her cycle class like a dance party on a bike. Her energy, warm and inviting personality and pumping music makes her class the most popular. Linda’s class is so much fun, you’ll never realize how hard you worked, but you’ll leave drenched!!


Bianca is our beautiful and fit "baby" of the group. She loves fitness, and loves igniting her passion for fitness in others. She's AFAA certified, and enjoys teaching cycling and group exercise classes. Her passion for health and wellness, along with her taste for music makes for class electrifying! 


Charlotte is our British born beauty with a passion for fitness and music that makes her class fun, and challenging. She is certified through Madd Dog Athletics and Stages. Charlotte brings her authentic personality, enthuasim, and genuine desire to bring you the best in cycling, which makes her class extremely motivating. Charlotte will inspire you to reach your highest fintess potential! You'll leave her class feeling both drenched and exhilarated.











Ralph has been an avid outdoor cyclist for the last 24 years, and has brought his love of cycling indoors. He has been teaching cycling for over 12 years. He is certified by Spinning and Stages. His classes consist of a variety of drills that work every area of the lower body as well as cardiovascular endurance. In Ralph’s class you will climb, sprint, and jump, building strength, endurance, and speed. Ralph not only emphasizes physical prowess, but mental toughness. He plays music from every genre, and will take requests. His goal for every class is to help members push past their limits both mentally and physically. Ralph’s greatest pleasure is helping members achieve their fitness goals, and assist them in accomplishing more than they thought possible. Ride with Ralph!

Nadine is our "southern belle" and an avid fitness enthusiast.  She is a nationally certified fitness instructor with over 20 years experience. Nadine teaches a variety of fitness classes, including cycling, body sculpting, kickboxing, water aerobics, and pilates. There isn’t anything in group exercise that Nadine doesn’t teach! Nadine’s an amazing instructor with that southern hospitality, which makes you feel welcomed, and motivated to push past your comfort zone, to reach your fitness goals.